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COURTS   OF   PARIS,    NAPLES,    ETC,                215

together in long piles and mountains. The situa-
tion and formation of these freestone and sandy
rocks are curious subjects of conjecture. They
are narrow, and point from north-west to south-
east, as if a flood or river channel had run for
ages in that direction. The Mont de Montagu is
a lofty, round mountain-wood, covered with large
blocks of stone, and, what is remarkable, those
on the top are all indented and marked on their
outsides with squares or lozenges, like the rippling
of waters. These rocks extend many miles* The
largest piece is le long boyau.

I have found in my perambulations many
curious orchises and other beautiful wild flowers ;
white campion, low creeping broom, red gera-
nium, globularia, orange-leaved euphorbia, anthe-
ricum liliago, pink restharrow, white cistus, Solo-
mon's seal, lily of the valley, the maritime rose
and a small yellow rose, sweet-scented violets,
blue milkworts, heaths, broom, &c.

June yth, 1797.

Your letters are  come,  with a   load   of des-
patches of importance, and letters of all sorts.    I